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The Woodlawn community’s growth has been rapid and persistent in demanding emergency services. As our volunteer FIRE/EMS station has worked to maintain the equivalent growth, we are feeling the strain. Finding and maintaining new volunteers to help has been difficult because of the time and cost it takes to recruit and retain them. As you can imagine, our Fire Engine and Ambulance are old and becoming a burden to keep it response ready because of monthly costly repairs.

But, You Can Help. When you donate, your financial contribution will help to buy uniforms, response protection gear and even go towards buying new medical supplies. We will use your donation to recruit new volunteers, giving them opportunities and access to a new FIRE/EMS career all while helping the community. Most of all, when you call 911 for you or your family member, there will be someone to answer the call.

Thank you in advance for your tax deductible gift, the gift that will help saves lives.